Come into Your Soul Resonance

What was your soul thinking, Sister?

when you took on all this karma from so many timelines

Akashic Records

You know how sometimes you know things, you sense there’s deeper meaning, and that there’s more of you, for you.  You have purpose and  bigness kept just out of reach…  yet you know it’s your special brew…

Soul Contracts

What if I told you that there are curses, vows, and agreements made in your past that cause your attraction factors to go amuck?  No fault of your own, let that one go… you had to take on these roles for survival…

Design Your Destiny

Leaving life up to fate is no longer an option, sister.  Having clearing and clarity in your Soul Blueprint  is where you break the spells that have kept you stuck in manifesting the same  relationships and abundance blocks…

Ascension Witch-Work

There are several ways to clear your soul cauldron in working with me

Clearing & Clarity Sessions

Breaking the spells that keep you stuck in patterns of manifesting the same ol stuff and relationships. A reading map through your soul blueprint and attraction factors. This is not your ordinary intuitive reading, sister.

Single Session $377
5 Session Pack $1665

Ascension Priestess VIP Month

This is for you sister if you are as impatient as I am to get your soul purpose working for you. Soul Contract Spell Clearing, Kickass Support and Sacred Accountability coaching over 30 days.
Four 30 minute clearings (down and dirty) then on-the-go coaching for the week in between sessions. 1 month $1111

LIMITLESS Ascension Priestess membership

It's never been more important for women to come together as leaders, priestess sisters, and divine humans. This is a community for women that are ready for their reality to evolve in an abundant, soul sourced direction. No masks, no pretenses, no faking it. Just pure, unadulterated you. – apply to join us as a founding member

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